Center speaker first glueup

I recut the baffle and routed out the insets for the speakers. I also recut the pieces for the sides as I wanted to make the enclosure deeper. The box is partly glued up now. I keep my glue in a used mustard bottle.


I also remembered that the tweeter needs a separate enclosure and made a little round box to be mounted behind the tweeter. I should have used the router for this but it was tucked away so I used a couple of holesaws instead. The center hole will be used for the leads and then filled with hotglue.

Surround speakers finished

I have finished the surround speakers.

Finished surround speakers in garage

Wiring thick cables of many thin strands together is a bit tricky. Here’s a neat trick I did to not lose my mind while burning my fingers off.


The sound have not changed much to the old ones. They are one speaker less and about 2/3 of the size. The sound is not as deep but given that they are going to play the surround channels they are well up to the task.

I tried playing music at full range with them and they sound a bit thin but still lots of detail.

Finished surround speaker on the wallThey measure 200mm * 300mm * 90mm