Surround speakers ready for paint

I have chamfered the baffle edges and sanded everything to 240 grit. I let the dust settle and tomorrow I’ll apply primer.


I glued screws to the circular cutouts to make them into spikes to hold up the speakers when I paint them. That way I can paint all six sides in one take.


Updating the speakers

I have had speaker stands for several years now and thus haven’t had my speakers up and running either. I have now designed new stands for the front speakers which hopefully are more rigid than the old ones. I have also made the decision to remake the center and surround speaker enclosures.

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New project

I asked my friend, Björn, if he could design and build me a new set of speakers a couple of months ago. Design and calculations have progressed since and Björn is currently building them. I though I could, to use a swedish expression, hit two flies with one wack and visualise the speakers aswell as learning Pov-Ray, a free raytracer. You’ll get a glimps at my and Björn’s creations (his design and my images) together with some data about the speakers. When they’re ready maybe also a review. Go there now.