The blog is back

I missed my blog. I need a place to share the stuff I do and make. This time hosted on as you can see. So what has happend since last update? Lets see.

  • My dear friend Viggo, the smooth fox terrier, passed away a year ago
  • Longing for a new puppy
  • I got a new car. An Audi S3. I never finished that powered USB in my A6
  • I got a new laptop. Currently running Fedora 22
  • I started doing woodworking.
  • I moved
  • I learned Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • I got a GoPro Hero 4 Black
  • Made a few videos
  • I switched phones a couple of times. Currently a LG Nexus 5
  • I got a few tables. Currently a ASUS Nexus 7 (2012) and HTC Nexus 9
  • I’m bringing my Amiga up and running again
  • Installed more cool servers at work
  • Virtualization is big now. Using VMware a lot. Some KVM too
  • Went on vacation
  • Grilled a lot.
  • I learned SketchUp

New year, new promises, new site

After starting to redo the site a couple of time from the ground up and failing, I thought I’d on the other end this time and do it live to have something to present. Sure much of the old content have been removed but in time I hope to re-enter that into this WordPress thingy.

In the meantime, Sorry about the mess, we’re redecorating.


Added some gradient and updated the stylesheets a bit to make the page a tad more visually appealing.

Added some DVDs and updated the speakers page.

Also made PHP tell your client how many bytes are coming down and when they last were modified. Maybe some caching proxies can get used now.

Things seem to clear up in the work front. If all goes well (which it probably will) I will have a job that pays in a few months.

Also fixed some bugs in the hack on the left.