Progress on network cabinet

I’m making a new network cabinet. Making is maybe not putting it correctly. Modifying an IKEA BESTÅ cupboard is more correct.


I drilled a hole for cables at its bottom and it came out horrible. There is no support for the guide drill so once past the thin shell it wobbles around and makes a huge mess. It will mostly be covered by the plastic tube with flange I will put into it.


On the opposite side I used a compass to scrape a circle and then a router to plow out the circle. Much better result.


The back of is a thin hardboard with veneer on that is floating in grooves. To make the cabinet more rigid and also provide for something to drill into if something is to be mounted on back wall I cut a piece of MDF to a tight fit, drilled pocket holes and painted it (for protection, definitely not for looks).


I also cut up a piece of melamine to act as a shelf for the cabinet. I routed out four indents for the cabinet’s feet to stand in to prevent it from sliding off the shelf.

Here’s a video of the cabinet soft closing.

Center speaker first glueup

I recut the baffle and routed out the insets for the speakers. I also recut the pieces for the sides as I wanted to make the enclosure deeper. The box is partly glued up now. I keep my glue in a used mustard bottle.


I also remembered that the tweeter needs a separate enclosure and made a little round box to be mounted behind the tweeter. I should have used the router for this but it was tucked away so I used a couple of holesaws instead. The center hole will be used for the leads and then filled with hotglue.