Get the latest upstream version of packages on CentOS

Sometimes the version of a package available on CentOS is too old and you really want the latest but you don’t want to manually update it by compiling from source and tracking the upstream. Fortunately there are people that does this for you. Head over to the IUS Community Project and install their RPMs.

HandBrake RPM for Fedora 13

First attempt at installing HandBrake 0.9.4 for Fedora 12 on Fedora 13 failed. I checked out the latest source from Subversion and built it to some RPM packages. Seems to work ok.

Check it out at my RPM repository (be kind)

[edit] Updated to svn 3364. Check out my Twitter for more news about this.

[edit] I now get my HandBrake RPMs from

Convert W3C (IIS) logs to combined (Apache) format

I needed to import both IIS logs and Apache logs into AWStats. I could not get it to work (cannot remember why). But I ended up creating a zcat that detects and converts W3C logs into combined. You throw uncompressed or compressed log files of either combined or w3c format at it and it spits out combined.

Written in C and depends only on zlib.

Get it at GitHub