Surround speakers ready for paint

I have chamfered the baffle edges and sanded everything to 240 grit. I let the dust settle and tomorrow I’ll apply primer.


I glued screws to the circular cutouts to make them into spikes to hold up the speakers when I paint them. That way I can paint all six sides in one take.


Surround speaker boxes glued up

I love that brad nailer. Glue, set pieces in place and [fatshoop] and it is done. I glued up the back sides of the surround speakers. I wait putting on the fronts as I can’t nail those as I will be chamfering the edges and risk running the router into those nails. Instead they will just be glued and clamped. Also my back started to ache as the work table is too low. Better listen to your body and stop in time.


Cutout for speaker recess marked on MDF

This is where the speakers will be recessed. I couldn’t cut circles that small with the circle cutting attachment for my Bosch router so I will have to do some research for how to cut circles that small. Worst case is that I have to route them freehand which I have done before but would like to avoid.

Center and surround circles