New package

To make life easier when making my graphics library for GFXindex I’ve made a port of the TagList-system from Amiga. It’s quite beautiful and it’s here for you, today, tomorrow and next week =). Slide on in to libTagList and have a peek (not POKE! I have my POKE-mon running to catch you :-).

GFXindex status

I’ve started to develop GFXindex again. This is what has been done so far:

  • I’ve got my graphics library working and thus the X dependance is gone.
  • Only JPEG loading and saving is implemented

And here is what users want to see in future versions:

  • EXIF support
  • Better PHP version
  • Ability to have captions/comments to images and albums
  • Links to subdirectories
  • Ability to strip of extensions of the filenames under the thumbnails
  • Generate different resolutions (like of the original picture
  • Ability to replace Prev|Next with the image name

And finally some of my idea of what is left

  • Support for more fileformat
  • Better scaling (weighted) to give a smoother look to the thumbnails
  • More effects on the thumbs
  • Some alternative layouts
  • To have the original photos (eg. 2048×1536) in one directory and have the scaled down (eg. 1024×768) in another directory. This would allow me to keep my original super high quality pictures in one dir and the lower ones in my public_html
  • Add logo/text on full size pictures. Like copyright etc.

So you see that there is lots to do and I hope I won’t loose interest as fast this time.

Btw. I found the embryo to gfxindex while browsing through my Amiga the other day. Quite fun. It’s a shell script and a C source. I will include it as nostalgia in the next version. Speaking of which, the new version of gfxindex, dubbed 1.3.0, isn’t quite ready yet but as soon at it is it’ll show up here. But be warned, compared to the current version it will be a bit crippled.

Unemployment gets worse

I’m just so angry today that I need to get it off my chest. The Swedish government is trying to look good by lowering the statistics of unemployment. To do that all registered unemployed under 25 must not be unemployed for more than 90 days. With that the offices that help people find a job (that also is partly handling allowance) will look bad if they does not meet up to this. So they send out a lot of people under 25 to a stupid computer course. We are still funded by government but not registered as unemployed anymore and the government nice statistics. Don’t think that it’s a teacher lead course. “Study in your own pace” means “Here’s a book, now teach yourself”.

If you wonder what this stupid statistic scam is called, I’ll tell you: Datorteket (Dator=Computer, -tek=-theque (like Discotheque), -et=The (Like the Computheque)).


I am now unemployed. As I’ve got my free time extended I thought I might as well start hacking some GTK app to learn how to do it. I decided to make a visual schnauzer (like in Xv). So far I’ve come up with thumbnail creation (loading if existing else creating and saving) and simple browsing. No viewing or such yet. Now don’t nag me about this one. It isn’t even an official project yet. But if it evolves into something more than a hack and it really is usable I will ofcause release it. No point in releasing something that fills no purpose. I’d prefeer gphoto2+gtkam to evolve into something like ACDSee+Olympus Camedia (for Windoze)… yes I’m lazy =).


This is the result of approx 24 hours of coding, some gimping (yes… the splash window doesn’t really exist and enlightenment doesn’t have such cool shadows under the windows… but the eye-with-a-tree-in-it-image does exist). No use of gui-builders like Glade or even GladeXML. Pure spaghetti-coding 😉 (yes… the code ain’t pretty… but it compiles! (sometimes… sometimes not!) ). The images you see in the thumbnails are better not explained as the people in front of the camera is under influense of alcoholic liquids.