Convert W3C (IIS) logs to combined (Apache) format

I needed to import both IIS logs and Apache logs into AWStats. I could not get it to work (cannot remember why). But I ended up creating a zcat that detects and converts W3C logs into combined. You throw uncompressed or compressed log files of either combined or w3c format at it and it spits out combined.

Written in C and depends only on zlib.

Get it at GitHub


As I’ve yet again grown tired of gfxindex I’ve decided to release it in it’s current condition. It is largely rewritten, much more modular now and it’s reusing more code now. It should work mostly nice. It lacks documentation and only reads JPEG and PNG. However some major new features have been put in:

  • Dependency of X removed
  • It creates thumbnails much faster now due to using the built in scaling of libjpeg. This prescales the thumbnail by skipping data before decoding. Results are still almost as good as reading in the whole image and then scale it
  • Thumbnails are scaled using weighted scaling giving a smooth look to them
  • The index can be much more customized
  • The index caching is gone, it’s however still rather fast to read in the images’ properties
  • Availability for Windows



The GLib dependency has been removed. The only libraries it requires to build now is jpeglib (for obvious reasons), popt (to parse command line arguments).

I have now managed to cross-compile it for Windows (using the MinGW branch of GCC). I had to tweak popt to get it to build. If it gives me trouble I will remove the popt dependency as well.

To the right here you can see a thumbnail that has been generated with the new gfxindex.