I am now unemployed. As I’ve got my free time extended I thought I might as well start hacking some GTK app to learn how to do it. I decided to make a visual schnauzer (like in Xv). So far I’ve come up with thumbnail creation (loading if existing else creating and saving) and simple browsing. No viewing or such yet. Now don’t nag me about this one. It isn’t even an official project yet. But if it evolves into something more than a hack and it really is usable I will ofcause release it. No point in releasing something that fills no purpose. I’d prefeer gphoto2+gtkam to evolve into something like ACDSee+Olympus Camedia (for Windoze)… yes I’m lazy =).


This is the result of approx 24 hours of coding, some gimping (yes… the splash window doesn’t really exist and enlightenment doesn’t have such cool shadows under the windows… but the eye-with-a-tree-in-it-image does exist). No use of gui-builders like Glade or even GladeXML. Pure spaghetti-coding 😉 (yes… the code ain’t pretty… but it compiles! (sometimes… sometimes not!) ). The images you see in the thumbnails are better not explained as the people in front of the camera is under influense of alcoholic liquids.

Status report

Giving the small amount of free time (to make free software) I only manage to maintain one program. So those of you waiting for updates on SleezeBall, Practical PPP and rmRemote may not get any for a time. I’m currently working on making GFXIndex independent of stuff that depends on X (imlib, gdk that is). I tried to use gdk-pixbuf but that wanted an X display too so I made the decision to make my own library for graphics rendering. So far I’ve implemented JPEG loading and saving, some basic preparation for plug-ins and some basic drawing. All is made in 24-bit off screen in memory. I couldn’t figure out how to use the scaling functions from gdk-pixbuf so I’ve made a quick “nearest pixel” rescaler and put one of my friends to make a good rescaling routine.