Added some gradient and updated the stylesheets a bit to make the page a tad more visually appealing.

Added some DVDs and updated the speakers page.

Also made PHP tell your client how many bytes are coming down and when they last were modified. Maybe some caching proxies can get used now.

Things seem to clear up in the work front. If all goes well (which it probably will) I will have a job that pays in a few months.

Also fixed some bugs in the hack on the left.

Just a hack

I was a bit bored last night and made a cool but useless JavaScript. Try moving your mouse over the menu to the left and see for your self. For a peek at how it’s done look at the script (MouseOver HighLight) itself. On my machine it hogs a great deal of CPU time but only when it animates. It requires CSS and a bit of DHTML i guess. But it’s not that without it the page get unreadable.