Use template if exists in Ansible

So recently I have gotten my head into Ansible and as I figure stuff out I will share my findings.

This time my find is jinja2 conditionals used to include vars and template if they exist.

So I’m building a dynamic role to configure virtual hosts on a web server. The role gets called with a single parameter like this:

- { role: vhost, vhost_name: }

And this is the essence of that role which include some vars specific to the web site and either use a common config template or a custom one if it exists (forgive WordPress formatting):

- assert:
 that: "vhost_name is defined"

- name: Detect if we have custom vhost config
 vhost_template_file: "vhost.d/{{ vhost_name }}.conf.j2"
 when: (role_path + '/templates/vhost.d/' + vhost_name + '.conf.j2') | is_file

- name: Load application config
 include_vars: "{{ vhost_name }}.yml"
 when: (role_path + '/vars/' + vhost_name + '.yml') | is_file

- name: Create vhost directory
 path: "{{ vhost_base }}/{{ vhost_name }}"
 state: directory
 owner: root
 group: apache
 mode: 0750

- name: Configure vhost
 src: "{{ vhost_template_file|default('vhost.conf.j2') }}"
 dest: "/etc/httpd/vhost.d/{{ vhost_name }}.conf"
 notify: Reload webserver

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