Whole bunch-o-stuff

I got a whole bunch of stuff today. I got the Star Trek Collectors Edition DVD with an Enterprise model, I got a batch of Chris Hülsbeck CDs from SynSoniq and there was a sale at work were they got rid of old rental DVDs and blu-rays.

The assembled starship Enterprise.
The assembled starship Enterprise.


If I could offer you only one piece of advice; Wear sunscreen.

Got a bit sunburned today while trying to catch the last sun rays (death rays?) before my vacation is over.

Last year I got virtually no tan at all because of the weather and suffered from sleepyness the rest of the autumn and winter.

Unemployment gets worse

I’m just so angry today that I need to get it off my chest. The Swedish government is trying to look good by lowering the statistics of unemployment. To do that all registered unemployed under 25 must not be unemployed for more than 90 days. With that the offices that help people find a job (that also is partly handling allowance) will look bad if they does not meet up to this. So they send out a lot of people under 25 to a stupid computer course. We are still funded by government but not registered as unemployed anymore and the government nice statistics. Don’t think that it’s a teacher lead course. “Study in your own pace” means “Here’s a book, now teach yourself”.

If you wonder what this stupid statistic scam is called, I’ll tell you: Datorteket (Dator=Computer, -tek=-theque (like Discotheque), -et=The (Like the Computheque)).


After some mail I guess I have to tell you all that since I started working at my new job I am too wasted when I get home to do something creative (like coding). Instead I spend time relaxing. This weekend I played with ripping DVDs in Windows. Now you see. No brains left to be creative anymore. This means that if something is going to happen to any of the programs here someone else have to take them over and start coding them.