About me, or the story of my life

Brilliant, nerdy, shy and witty 30+ guy. That’s me. I like Star Trek, Linux, electronics and comedies. I have been programming computers since the age of six and owned my own computer since around ten. So naturally programming is something I am very passionate about and do very well. Although I do not use it much these days the C programming language is like a second language to me. Nowadays it is most Java that I use despite its shortcomings.

My best friend, Viggo

My best friend is our dog Viggo. A smooth fox terrier with a great sense of humour and style. He is a more traditional fox terrier which is somewhat larger and taller than the modern fox terrier.

Viggo i profil

I have always lived with animals and although I loved them a bit too much when I was a child they loved and love me as much as I love them. I have the bite marks to prove it. My parents never could figure out why our cat put up with me giving how mean I was to it as a child. But he showed me what claws and teeth are used for, I grew up and soon carried this cat around everywhere with him loving every minute of it. Maybe it is this genuine and early love for animals that have tuned my understanding of animals up to the point where I without being in the same room as Viggo know that the water bowl is empty and he is thirsty or that he need to take a leak in the garden (I do not know if it is because of this but Viggo never signals that he needs to pee. He never needs to, I already know).

Animal communication (whispering)

When I hit my 30s it was apparent that something was going on. I somehow is so attuned to Viggo that I pick up what he wants. So when my sister asked me if I wanted to accompany her to this class in animal communication (sometimes called whispering) I said yes as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Now I am not the most open minded, new age kind of guy you would normally think could go for this. In fact I was quite sceptical to the whole spirits, auras, angel and whatnot kind of world. If you could not see or measure it, it did not exist. But I spent some money on the class and was not going to let my scepticism ruin it. So I decided that I was not going to have any expectations of the class our my performance and give it my best shot. When the class started and the very down to earth and humble teacher started telling us about spirits, auras, angels and whatnot I said to my self; “Ok, for the time being, accept this as truth. It is her truth and I am sane enough to question it later, after the class. If I question things now I am only hindering myself by closing my mind”. So I tried my best to understand her view and what was needed for this thing to work. As it turned out very little of that whatnot business was important for the animal communication bit. It was however very interesting and gave us an insight into her mindset. All that is required for a human to communicate with an animal is an open mind, some relaxation and trust; both in you and your pet. The communication is silent in what seems to be telepathic. Interestingly it was their animals that taught them how to teach us. So all in all we had two human teachers and five animal teachers, three dogs and two horses, one whom with I fell somewhat in love.

Parenthesis; Pet owners, please talk to your pets

In time you will, if you let yourself, understand your pet. Start off by just talking (vocally) to your pet. Let them know when you will be back when leaving, tell them that you know it is uncomfortable but you need to clip their claws and above all: tell them how much you love them. They do understand you although you may not understand them or notice that they do understand you. Viggo used to bark and howl if we left him for more than half an hour or so. But after we started telling him how long we were going to be gone and that he may just relax until we get back he stopped (for the most part, he is still sensitive to noises outside).

Back to the story

OliverAfter my class in whispering I sure did have a lot to digest. Some went in, some went through. It all fell into place after a few weeks and something very strange was now very natural. Of course we can talk to animals. How else have we been able to coexist with them for gazillions of years. I went back to an extension class and got better and clearer communication with her animals. Oliver, the horse that I fell in love with, forced me to open up my heart and cracked open my protected hard shell. Since then when ever I have returned for other classes we both get very happy when we see each other.

Since then I have taken other classes in healing and channelling, but that story will have to wait until some other time.